Up’s and down’s of the life we are living…

Hello, my name is Mike, or if you prefer my full name its Mikkel Christensen, but everybody calls me Mike. Today i decided to tear down my old webpage which is now accesible under the “Museum” section on this page together which a bunch of some of my other old pages.

The day today was mainly spend in front of my new build computer, i spend some time writing some texts for http://chick.dk, i tried to get some work done which was hindered by my not not so populare webdesigner…

Later on i was chating on my favorite internet community blackmarket.dk where meet a girl, Xenia, and we actually wrote a song togehter. I recorded it but for now im not sure wether or not to publish it on this page, but one thing is for sure, i plan to publish must of my music on this page.

Tommorow im going to testdrive my hopefully new car, an Opel Astra ’97, but theres a long way and a lot of money before thats certain, i also have to go to Århus to do some work, and then i ofcourse has to go for a swim in Skive.

– Peace


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