Looking for a new car and demolishing the old one…

As soon as my sister woke up we drove of to testdrive my hopefully to-be new car, when we arrieved the test-plates where gone so i could’nt take it out on the roads legally, so i just drove it a couple of hundred feets to get a felling of it, its a real nice car, he wanted 35.000 DKR for it including preperation for goverment aproval and excluding the actual plates. So thats around 37.000DKR total.

Next step was to help my sister delivering newspapers so we could get of to Aarhus to do some important work i had to do, but just a minute before the last paper was delivered the car started smoking out of the hood and the cooling system stopped. I drove the car to the local gas station and bough some cooling fluid and filled up the car just to se the cooling liquid pouring out of the bottom of the car, i took a quick decicion and drove the car, without cooling, to my uncles place and borrowed hes garrage to take the car apart and find the leak, i finaly found it in one of the heating tubes which had ruptured. So i called my parrents and had them send my brother and a car so i could go to Viborg for a new tube, but nowhere in Viborg could a find a tube for my car and most places they looked at me as if i was crazy even asking for that sparepart.

So i drove back and cut 10 cm’s of the old hose and refitted it onto the engine, assembled the rest of it, refilled it and drove home…

I hate old cars…im so much going to buy a new one…

Today i missed out on my swimming and my work in Aarhus which i luckily managed to postpone.


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  1. Hi
    Jamen som jeg altid har sagt gamle mænd og gamle biler …..meeeeen det hedder ikke ny bil, det hedder anden bil :-p

    As I always have preached for you, there is a thing with old men and old cars – a very bad thing ….. but it isn’t a new car – just another one.

    Hugs Mum

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