More cartrouble, hosting provider trouble, swimming and a new car…

Yea you guessed it…the car broke down once again, same problem new solution…the same pipe that broke yesterday broke again today, but now its to short to get fixed so the car is parked in Viborg waiting for me to aquire a special fittet waterhose…yea you heard right a special fittet waterhose…i can get cappedstealwire controllers for the clutch in almost every sparepart shop in the city, but a stupid 50cm black waterhose capable of containing 120 degres hot liquid is a special part which you have to order original from the manufacter…

Well…im gonna try that tommorow just to have a working car until Tuesday where my new Opel Astra will be ready 😀

And then i had the joy of finaly shutting down the server we had hosted at today, i logged into it to delete my data. But their unprofessional hosting had corupted the “delete” command on the system…the result was that i issues another command that corrupted the entire harddisk, it was my only choice to ensure that they didnt get hold of our data….

The evening was spend swimming with my two younger brothers and my parrents, and finally some work for one of my new costumers. You know client-suplier confidence is in place when you can spend 2 hours small talking about everything and nothing without either party getting boored. My new eMac was configured with ichat so im ready for the videoconference i’m having tommorow.

But now im going to, at least pretend to, go to sleep.

Peace, love and a bottle of god’ ol’e rum!



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