Top 20 secret missions, coverups, secrets and/or projects initiated or discovered during 2007

Read it before the de-classifying unit gets to it with their black-pen’s … if you are to late you will just have to find a way to bypass their censorship…

20. The capture and rape of Osama Bin Laden and all kind of alternative community forms on the earth.

19. The cover up that Iraq was just about oil, money and personal revenge for George Bush and his comrades.

18. NASA Launching spacecraft to plant moon-landing artefact’s on the landing site to cover up fake moon landing.

17. CIA sabotaging all other countries moon-expeditions to buy time for NASA’s coverup.

16. Myspace, Facebook and Google has bin bought by Microsoft to prevent individualism.

15. Microsoft has been splitted into several companies by Alien lifeforms to prevent earth from becoming a threat.

14. Secret Service covering up the fact that Alien lifeforms exists and are currently intervening in earth-affairs.

13. The deportation of William Shatner to Guantanamo by Secret Service to negotiate with Alien Eneymy Combatants.

12. The next season of Top-model is a cover up for the selection of a crew to settle the first human colony in space.

11. CNN, FBI,FOX,CBS and Secret Service tries to cover up the fact that George Bush is stupid.

10. The killing of Michael Moore because of his attempt to prevent #11, Atm. Homer Simpsons in a Jump Suit act as a stand in for Michael Moore until his death can be explained by natural causes.

9. The real secret goverment of the so called free world has been compromised by power addictive journalists trying to overthrow the world and hand it into then hands of hostile alien forces.

8. Bubble gum does not exists.

7. Michael Jackson is not an Alien.

6. America is in fact lead by Communists, they evacuated to Washington just before the wall collapsed.

5. Bill Gates runs Linux.

4. Linus Thorvalds runs FreeBSD.

3. The FreeBSD development servers are being powered by SCOUnix, and SCO does’nt know this.

2. Terrorists are not dangerous, they are just oppressed.

1. The new fancy                initiated by                              with power, will and functionality to turn over the entire                                                         the world. No realy…this is a secret…


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