Todays is or was Valentines day, the meka of capitalism for flower and chocolate shops, resturants, theatres and etc. just like mothers and fathers day, yet another american “tradition” we have imported. And thats another mystery, how can a country that young have traditions? How did they emerge and who decided what to turn into tradition and what not to?

Either way valentines day is a day for shops to make more money…

I spend the day trying for the third day in a row to fix my car, as soon as i realised that it wasnt posible i decided to dump the car, took me most of the day to remove all esential gear from it, my stereo, handsfree mobile installation, 220v converter and so, the car could run but without water/cooling so the 2000m drive to the dump was a very smokey experience…and i’ll bet you that engine is never gonna run again.

And it was also the day when i got my Laptop back, now fixed so it should be working…yea…should be, they had forgot to attach the touchpanel so no mouse…the screen has some dead pixels and the machines encounters periodical errors. Somehow the disconnected mouse managed to reconnect itself … *whistle* … so now its usable…and i once more confirmed that you should never trust anything of value to Bilka.

Everytime it has been in there for a repair it came broke back…but hey…its cheap 😀

I want summer…


3 Replies to “Valentinesday”

  1. Den ældgamle opel i røg og i damp
    hoster til ophug og slut på dens liv
    og Mikkel er vranten på vraget der står
    og skrotter hans planer og nu må han gå….

    Så skål for Mao for Mao er død!!!!
    (frit efter Lilholt)

    Et rimeligt kort men dæleme et spændende bekendtskab – tænk bare hvilke uforudsete oplevelser du har fået, og hvad du har lært!!
    Hvis ikke det havde været for Mao var du jo aldrig blevet autodidakt opelmekaniker!!!!
    Så skål for Mao og held og lykke med der Grühne


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