To all Americans, Obama and Hillary

People outside America dont think very highly about America and Americans at this time, and we havent realy been doing that for the past decade. You nation isnt all that great … you have death sentence, stupid laws, stupid leaders and do stupid things. I realize that this i partly done by the goverment and i know that goverments often do things that the people (which at the very last IS the nation … its not the leaders nor the army … its the people) dont want and dont support, ours do that all the time.

We always hear about how great a country America is, but from out point of view its actually not the great. Please help us understand why you think your country is so great. Help yourself restore it to greatness and select a worthy new president that will clean up after that dumb-shit excuse for a leader that you have had for the past 8 years. I don’t care wether its Obama or Hillary … i just hope it will be one of them, i can se good in both of them. I just ask that you do the recent thing, get a proper president and show the world how great America can be.

If you do this, then maybe i will come visit America in a couple of years or so 😉


2 Replies to “To all Americans, Obama and Hillary”

  1. Yeah, americans are too proud of their country for no reason. Of course there is a great nature and the people are more friendly than anywhere else in the western world, but their political system is … well, fucked up!

    Please, for your own sake, elect Obama. He will make sure that you get something to be proud of: greener environment, better economy, less poverty and decent foreign politics.

  2. Thanks for your feedback, now the choice has been made. And i cross my fingers for Obama as well, but no matter what. Any change will be to the better, the oposite is simply not posible.

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