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Hello my name is Mikkel Mikjaer Christensen, i was born in 1983 and already a couple of years later i was messing around with computers. This website is primarily in Danish, but feel free to contact me at mikkel@mikjaer.com if you have any questions.

DISCLAIMER: This website does express my opinions and nothing else, no-one, not even myself, is to be bound by things i say, promise or  express on this website. This website contain 95% irony, some jokes and hopefully a lot of humor, if you feel offended and left out i or don’t understand the meaning of a joke please refer to read my mind or make an educated guess, theres no guarantee that anything i say will make sense and if you get offended for any reason, please feel free to abandon the site and not return.

I SHAL NOT BE LIABLE if this websites causes vomiting, diarrhea, natural disasters, government collapses, death or any other unwanted outcome, however if you encounter a sought for and/or positive outcome and feel the urge to thank me you are very welcome.

Smile to the world, it make’s your face look prettier and it elevates the level of endorphins in your body … which makes you happy! 😀

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