Bimbo girls where originally recorded with the band “Conspiracy” back in 2003 as a duet with the singer Camilla Gates, i was inspired to the song by a girlfriend who…yea…listent to the song and you’ll figure, and now i see it as a tribute to all the girls who are not like those i describe in the song, a tribute to independent, strong, beuatifull and smart women all over the world.

We released the song with the record “Næsten Live” (Almost live) in 2004 where we removed Camilla’s voice from the recording because we wanted it to look like our own recording, which it by now should be obvious that it wasnt 🙂 , but we simply did’nt have the time to record it.

The version released can be found here, the original will be available sometime soon as well.

The melody was originally stolen from Bob Geldofs great song of indiference, but since i found out that he stole it from Traditional Irish Folk music, and when i compared Bob Geldofs recording to our recording i can clearly hear that we altered the melody enough to call it our own…but we don’t, it looks cooler to say its a tradition Irish Folk Melody, which its almost is.

The lyric are here:

I dont like bimbo girls and i know they hate me to
To be hornest i dont care cause i wont waste my time


Waste your time on fancy hair new makeup and dirty boys
take them all if i wont do cause i dont want you more
Branded dress solarium manicure and extra rub
haircut every second day why dont you give it up

I dont like, i dont like….i dont like you more

I dont know where you have been , but i know youre not with me
Be in faith or be in sin i dont trust you more
I want brain i want clue form your own attitude be
yourself show me your then your right for me

right for me, right for me, … then your right for me

Musical (trommesolo) / Outro

And the chords…
The song is played, C|F|C|G|C|F|CGC|

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