Fjols A/S På banen igen…

Kan nogen huske de fjolser som for et par år siden postede mindre flaterende bemærkninger på min daværende blog? De er sku på banen igen og forsøgte sig på denne her nye blog, men de fik ganske pænt en “spam” markering før de overhovedet blev vist på siden. Så mon ikke snart det bliver kedeligt at forsøge sig med det?

Jeg har siddet de sidste 5 dage og knoklet med et projekt til en stor dansk tv station, vi har haft mega mange problemer både med informationer vi ikke kunne få udleveret og folk der kun gjorde deres arbejde halvt.

Men nu sider mig og BT og slås med forhåbentligt den sidste fejl før vi kan få det i luften…kun 4 dage for sent.

Har faktisk ikke lavet det vilde de sidste dage ud over at maraton kode for det her tv selvskab, muligvis får jeg bil imorgen…såfremt jeg får betaling fra en kunde som ventet imorgen.

Har været inde idag for at hente dækkende fra den gamle bil, asconaen, dem skulle jeg jo gemme da de var helt nye. Men så havde M.R. Auto sku revet dækkene af fælgende på trods af en aftale om at jeg skulle have dem med…så jeg hidsede mig op og forlangte at de fik dem samlet og ballanceret igen og gjort klar til mig senest imorgen.

Så var jeg hos Bilka med min bærbare…igen samme fejl…tredie gang…så nu er jeg spændt på om jeg får en ny eller om det lykkedes dem at lave den, nu er jeg så uden bærbar igen.

Og sidst men ikke mindst fik jeg vidst endelig idag overbevist 3 om at de ikke skal sende mig flere regninger, det var ihvertfald det Henrik C, fra kundeservice sagde de ville holde op med. I sin tid var argumentet “Gratis prøveabbonement fra 3?, det kan vel ikke skade…” og det ku det så, godnat og sov godt.

– Mike

Ps. nå ja…sproget på bloggen kommer nok til at variere lidt.


Todays is or was Valentines day, the meka of capitalism for flower and chocolate shops, resturants, theatres and etc. just like mothers and fathers day, yet another american “tradition” we have imported. And thats another mystery, how can a country that young have traditions? How did they emerge and who decided what to turn into tradition and what not to?

Either way valentines day is a day for shops to make more money…

I spend the day trying for the third day in a row to fix my car, as soon as i realised that it wasnt posible i decided to dump the car, took me most of the day to remove all esential gear from it, my stereo, handsfree mobile installation, 220v converter and so, the car could run but without water/cooling so the 2000m drive to the dump was a very smokey experience…and i’ll bet you that engine is never gonna run again.

And it was also the day when i got my Laptop back, now fixed so it should be working…yea…should be, they had forgot to attach the touchpanel so no mouse…the screen has some dead pixels and the machines encounters periodical errors. Somehow the disconnected mouse managed to reconnect itself … *whistle* … so now its usable…and i once more confirmed that you should never trust anything of value to Bilka.

Everytime it has been in there for a repair it came broke back…but hey…its cheap 😀

I want summer…

More cartrouble, hosting provider trouble, swimming and a new car…

Yea you guessed it…the car broke down once again, same problem new solution…the same pipe that broke yesterday broke again today, but now its to short to get fixed so the car is parked in Viborg waiting for me to aquire a special fittet waterhose…yea you heard right a special fittet waterhose…i can get cappedstealwire controllers for the clutch in almost every sparepart shop in the city, but a stupid 50cm black waterhose capable of containing 120 degres hot liquid is a special part which you have to order original from the manufacter…

Well…im gonna try that tommorow just to have a working car until Tuesday where my new Opel Astra will be ready 😀

And then i had the joy of finaly shutting down the server we had hosted at today, i logged into it to delete my data. But their unprofessional hosting had corupted the “delete” command on the system…the result was that i issues another command that corrupted the entire harddisk, it was my only choice to ensure that they didnt get hold of our data….

The evening was spend swimming with my two younger brothers and my parrents, and finally some work for one of my new costumers. You know client-suplier confidence is in place when you can spend 2 hours small talking about everything and nothing without either party getting boored. My new eMac was configured with ichat so im ready for the videoconference i’m having tommorow.

But now im going to, at least pretend to, go to sleep.

Peace, love and a bottle of god’ ol’e rum!


Looking for a new car and demolishing the old one…

As soon as my sister woke up we drove of to testdrive my hopefully to-be new car, when we arrieved the test-plates where gone so i could’nt take it out on the roads legally, so i just drove it a couple of hundred feets to get a felling of it, its a real nice car, he wanted 35.000 DKR for it including preperation for goverment aproval and excluding the actual plates. So thats around 37.000DKR total.

Next step was to help my sister delivering newspapers so we could get of to Aarhus to do some important work i had to do, but just a minute before the last paper was delivered the car started smoking out of the hood and the cooling system stopped. I drove the car to the local gas station and bough some cooling fluid and filled up the car just to se the cooling liquid pouring out of the bottom of the car, i took a quick decicion and drove the car, without cooling, to my uncles place and borrowed hes garrage to take the car apart and find the leak, i finaly found it in one of the heating tubes which had ruptured. So i called my parrents and had them send my brother and a car so i could go to Viborg for a new tube, but nowhere in Viborg could a find a tube for my car and most places they looked at me as if i was crazy even asking for that sparepart.

So i drove back and cut 10 cm’s of the old hose and refitted it onto the engine, assembled the rest of it, refilled it and drove home…

I hate old cars…im so much going to buy a new one…

Today i missed out on my swimming and my work in Aarhus which i luckily managed to postpone.

Up’s and down’s of the life we are living…

Hello, my name is Mike, or if you prefer my full name its Mikkel Christensen, but everybody calls me Mike. Today i decided to tear down my old webpage which is now accesible under the “Museum” section on this page together which a bunch of some of my other old pages.

The day today was mainly spend in front of my new build computer, i spend some time writing some texts for, i tried to get some work done which was hindered by my not not so populare webdesigner…

Later on i was chating on my favorite internet community where meet a girl, Xenia, and we actually wrote a song togehter. I recorded it but for now im not sure wether or not to publish it on this page, but one thing is for sure, i plan to publish must of my music on this page.

Tommorow im going to testdrive my hopefully new car, an Opel Astra ’97, but theres a long way and a lot of money before thats certain, i also have to go to Århus to do some work, and then i ofcourse has to go for a swim in Skive.

– Peace